Mini Dental Implants

MDIs, or Mini dental implants, are one of the most significant advancements in dental implant technology in the last several years. While multiple dental visits are required for full dental implants, MDIs eliminate the need for surgery, and can be placed in a single visit. MDIs can be used to anchor and stabilize dentures, effectively eliminating the problem of loose dentures that plagues many wearers. Additionally, MDIs don’t require bone grafting, making the recovery period much shorter. In fact, in most cases, the denture can be placed on the MDI during the same visit.

What is a mini dental implant?

MDIs are a small, screw-like prosthesis intended to take the place of your natural tooth root. They are usually made from titanium that has been coated with calcium phosphate. They are designed to promote quick healing and last for a long time. The top portion is shaped like a small ball; this is what fits into the dentures, providing them with increased stability. MDIs can withstand the pressures of a normal human bite.

What are the advantages of a mini dental implant?

MDIs offer a number of advantages over traditional implants. They allow patients to avoid having to undergo invasive dental surgery. They are also small enough to allow them to be used with patients who have experienced bone loss and are not eligible for traditional dental implants. Because they only require a single visit to the dentist’s office, dental implants can also be more cost effective than traditional implants.

MDIs provide a more snug and stable fit for denture wearers, allowing them to speak more naturally and chew more easily. With the use of a MDI, there is no need to use messy bonding agents or dental adhesives, and you will be able to enjoy foods you may have had to remove from your diet. Because the fit is so much more stable, even chewing crunchy foods is not a problem any longer. This also prevents food from becoming trapped beneath the dentures; a common problem when dentures are worn without implants. Dentures combined with MDIs can still easily be removed for cleaning, making them a convenient option.

What is the process for placing mini dental implants?

In most cases, a single MDI can be placed in less than an hour. If you are having lower jaw implants placed, this will require a total of four MDIs placed 5mm apart to provide proper stabilization. Dr. Mabry will carefully examine your jaw and gums in order to determine the correct placement for your implants.

Once Dr. Mabry has determined the placement site, you will be given an anesthetic to numb your mouth and allow you to remain comfortable while your jaw is prepared for the MDI. Dr. Mabry will drill a small hole into your gums and jawbone. This is where each MDI will be placed and tightened by hand. A ratchet wrench will then be used to fully stabilize the MDI.

Once your MDIs have been placed and tightened, the denture will be marked so that holes can be drilled to accommodate the implants. The denture can then be attached. Each MDI has a small rubber o-ring that will snap into place on the implant, allowing the denture to rest comfortably and snugly on the gums.

In most cases, MDIs will not require any stitches and you will usually experience very little discomfort following placement. Once your dentures have been properly placed, you can eat and drink normally. You will also still be able to easily remove and clean your dentures.

If you have more questions about MDIs, or if you would like to find out if you might be a good candidate for dental implants, call our office today. Dr. Mabry and our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and we look forward to helping you have a fully functional, beautiful smile once again.